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Don't Just Sanitize....SASSitize

SASSitize brings a refreshing twist to the sanitizing experience. With a special blend of skin nourishing oils and germ killers, SASSitize keeps your hands cleaner, longer; between the times you are able to wash your hands throughout the day. Carry the pocket size spritzers with you everywhere.  With yummy scents like SASSimelon, SASSitize brings new meaning to the hand sanitizing experience. Simply saturate your entire hand, even under your nails; where those pesky germs camp out.  Shake, spray and rub your hands together, while enjoying an aroma that awakens the senses.  Life's daily germ transferring touches don't stand a chance to be carried home, by you, to your family.  See what SASSitize can do for you, today!!!


"Don't just sanitize.....SASSitize"


More About Us

Founded in Eastvale, California, in 2021, SASSitize was an idea in the mind of a bona-fide germiphobe. The idea of sanitizer spread all over your hands, without reaching the underside of your nails; had me buying sanitizing spritzers to carry in my purse.  Problem was that they all had medicinal smells that were unappealing. 
I decided to make my own sanitizer, with a twist.  Working with some of my favorite ingredients, in my kitchen, I decided to focus on making sure my sanitizer was powerful, without drying out my skin.  I wanted a smell to ignite my nose with a beautiful scent with each spray.  With a beaker and my secret ingredient....I tried and tried and tried again....