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More About Us

How We Got Here

I have always been a germaphobe.  I am easily "grossed out" by common "germland" common surfaces.  I walk into public restrooms and get grossed out by knobs, countertops and faucet handles.  I see people not washing their hands, fluffing their hair and checking their makeup, before sashaying right out of the restroom; without batting an eye or even bothering to pretend to clean their hands…...  And that is all before the sneezing, coughing, yawning and other vehicles of spittle travel that are in my path (known or unknown) every day.  What the COVID-19/Corona Virus taught and reminded us was that there are mysterious ways that we can catch viruses and diseases.  
The things we touch throughout the day carry germs and icky sticky stuff we can’t see.  Those pesky little “germies” are there, just waiting to have a party in your system; so you can lie down and become their patio deck. While they party, you work to recover from whatever bug you welcomed aboard.  I wanted more than for my family members to be patio decks.  I need them active for work, play and house chores.  Oh and of course, I love them banana bunches. 
I created SASSiTize in my kitchen, after realizing I was just rubbing in the "fruity stuff" laced alcohol that was found on many shelves.  They did the job, I’m sure, but I just knew it could be……, for lack of a better way of putting it, ……spruced up a bit.  SASSiTize was born, right in my home kitchen; with a special recipe for a different type of germ-fighting.  This formula has that added something that won’t have your hands feeling and looking like sandpaper.  It brings to the sanitation table,  ……a new twist....a touch of pizazz.  You get sanitizer, a burst of a great scent and moisturizing for your skin…. I even use it on the steering wheel of my car, gas pumps, shopping carts; and especially for doorknobs and handles in public restrooms.  Its compact size makes it easy to slip into a pocket or purse, for easy access; right when you need it.SASSiTize is that little life saving mist that cleans on contact.  Unlike other sanitizers, which are either too “chemically” smelling, with medicinal smells or harsh to the skin, SASSiTize allows you to get under your nails and all over your hands with an even distribution burst of confidence that you just SASSiTized your hands.   I mean, who wants to smell like they were refinishing cabinets in their garage?  Take SASSiTize with you everywhere and feel confident that you can refresh your hands, after the things you handle each day; especially out there in the germ filled world.  Don’t just sanitize, SASSiTize.

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